Office Accessibility Highlight: Sound Schemes

Have you ever pressed CTRL + S to save a document and wonder, “did it actualy save”? As a screen reader user have you ever wondered, “isn’t there a way to hear that the content I just deleted, or cut, from the text was actually gone, without having to navigate the text?” Many students have asked me over the years, “How can I know that it did the command?
Rejoice! Office 365 Sound Schemes now provide audible feedback for a variety of different actions. Perhaps most notably for the Save command! Once the sound feedback feature is enabled users will notice new sounds in all Office applications. So far our consumers love the cues!

Enable Sound Feedback

  1. Open any Office application.
  2. Open the File Tab. (accelerator Key: ALT + F)
  3. Activate the Option Command. (Accelerator Key: the Letter “T”.)
  4. Select the Ease of Access Category from the left-hand side of the Options Dialog Box. (Accelerator Key: the Letter “E”.)
  5. Check the box to Provide Feedback with Sound Check Box. (Accelerator Key: ALT + S)
  6. From the Sound Schemes Combo Box choose Modern or Classic sounds. (Keyboard Access: press the TAB Key once, from the Check Box. Press ALT + DOWN-ARROW to expand the options. Press the DOWN-ARROW Key repeatedly, pausing after each press to hear the selected option. With your desired scheme selected press the ENTER Key).
  7. Activate the OK Button.


For additional information visit this Office Support Page.